Unleash Victory with Singed: Optimal ARAM Build for Patch 13.23 - Professional Aram Builds Guide (2024)

Welcome, Summoners, to our comprehensive Singed ARAM Build guide for patch 13.23! Whether you’re a seasoned Singed player or just diving into the toxic trails for the first time, this guide is crafted from data extracted from a whopping 2,605 matches. Dive in and discover the essential strategies, spells, runes, summoner spells, and itemization to dominate the Abyssal Rift as Singed.

Unleash Victory with Singed: Optimal ARAM Build for Patch 13.23 - Professional Aram Builds Guide (1)

## H1: Singed ARAM Build for Patch 13.23 – Unveiling the Winning Strategy

In the frenetic mayhem of the Howling Abyss, Singed emerges as a potent force when armed with the right tools. Let’s delve into the specifics that make this chemist a formidable contender in ARAM.

### H2: Summoner Spells and Runes – The Foundation of Success

Starting your journey with Singed demands a strategic choice of summoner spells. The winning combination, with a staggering 57.6% win rate, consists of **Ghost** and **Mark**. These spells grant Singed exceptional mobility and combat presence crucial for dominating ARAM battles.

#### H3: Singed Runes – Crafting the Path to Victory

When it comes to runes for Singed in ARAM, Precision as the primary path coupled with Domination as the secondary path has proven its worth, boasting an impressive 58.8% win rate. The cornerstone of this rune setup is the powerful keystone **Conqueror**, aptly earning its title as the key to Singed’s conquest on the ARAM battlefield.

### H2: Singed Spells – Deciphering the Winning Sequence

Maximizing Singed’s effectiveness requires meticulous spell sequencing. The most successful spell order, boasting a 55.9% win rate, follows this sequence:

1. **Poison Trail**
2. **Fling**
3. **Mega Adhesive**

Mastering this sequence enhances Singed’s ability to control and decimate opponents in the chaotic ARAM skirmishes.

#### H3: Singed Items – Forging the Path to Triumph

Itemization plays a pivotal role in Singed’s prowess on the Howling Abyss. Our data-backed recommendations for Singed’s ARAM build encompass both starting items and core items to secure victory.

### Starting Items

Commence your ARAM journey as Singed by arming yourself with **Health Potions** (57.2% win rate) to sustain and endure early engagements.

### Core Items

Embrace the power spike by following this precise order:

1. **Catalyst of Aeons**
2. **Rod of Ages** (59.3% win rate)
3. **Mercury’s Treads**
4. **Rylai’s Crystal Scepter**

### Fourth Item Options

Once you’ve established your core build, consider these options to further fortify Singed:

– **Demonic Embrace** (59.8%)
– **Dead Man’s Plate** (53%)

### Fifth Item Options

As the battle escalates, these items offer diverse strategic advantages:

– **Dead Man’s Plate** (57.4%)
– **Demonic Embrace** (60.2%)
– **Winter’s Approach** (62.5%)

### Sixth Item Options

In the final stretch, choose your arsenal wisely for the ultimate push towards victory:

– **Warmog’s Armor** (58.5%)
– **Demonic Embrace** (55.8%)
– **Dead Man’s Plate** (52.2%)

## H1: Conclusion – Forge Your Path to Success

By adhering to this meticulously curated Singed ARAM build, success in your Howling Abyss encounters is within reach. Dominate the battlefield, control the poison, and march towards triumph with Singed in patch 13.23. Your victory awaits!

Mastering Singed: Unveiling the Last 7 Days’ Top Performances**

Singed, the Mad Chemist, has been wreaking havoc in League of Legends, and we’re here to dissect the unparalleled performance of the top 411 Singed players worldwide over the last 7 days. With a staggering 55.31% win rate, these expert players have showcased their mastery in 3,594 games, illuminating the champion’s prowess and strategies.

**H2 Tag: Delving into Singed’s Dominance and Win Rate**

Within the realm of the last week’s gameplay, Singed has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. A comprehensive analysis of 3,594 games reveals an exceptional 55.31% win rate among the top 411 Singed players globally. This remarkable statistic underscores Singed’s effectiveness when wielded by experienced hands, indicating the champion’s potential for turning the tide of battles in League of Legends.

**H3 Tag: The Metrics Behind Singed’s Triumph – Expert Insights and Rankings**

In the skilled grasp of Diamond I-ranked players, Singed has solidified its standing among League of Legends champions. Evaluating both win rate and summoner rank, Singed claims the impressive 89th position among all champions when maneuvered by an expert. This ranking speaks volumes about Singed’s capabilities when handled by seasoned players, cementing its spot as a formidable choice within the roster.

The blog post could delve into various aspects to cover the following sections:

Introduce Singed, the champion, and highlight the significance of analyzing performance metrics to comprehend the impact of expert players on the champion’s win rate.

**Understanding the Last 7 Days’ Performance:**
Detail the methodology behind the analysis of 3,594 games played by the top 411 Singed players globally within the last week. Emphasize the impressive 55.31% win rate and its implications on Singed’s viability in League of Legends.

**Insights into Singed’s Strength:**
Explore how the expert handling of Singed by Diamond I-ranked players has contributed to its success. Discuss the strategies, build variations, and playstyles that have led to Singed’s dominance in the past week.

**Rankings and Comparison:**
Elaborate on Singed’s position among other champions based on win rate and summoner rank. Highlight the significance of Singed’s 89th rank globally, showcasing its prowess relative to other champions in the hands of an expert.

**Eligibility Criteria and Methodology:**
Explain the criteria for selecting the top 411 Singed players, including the requirement of a minimum of Diamond IV rank and 50 games played on Singed for eligibility. Detail the methodology used to compile and analyze the data.

Summarize the key takeaways from the analysis, emphasizing Singed’s strengths, its position among champions in expert hands, and the significance of win rate in gauging a champion’s effectiveness.

Unleash Victory with Singed: Optimal ARAM Build for Patch 13.23 - Professional Aram Builds Guide (2024)


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