Should I Take Apush If I Hate History (2024)

1. Should I take APUSH? I hate history! - College Confidential Forums

  • 18 apr 2016 · However, I wouldn't recommend it, as it may bring your GPA down. You also aren't even interested in history as a major, so I don't think you ...

  • Seriously though is APUSH worth taking? I hate history I mean hate it with a passion. I’m not fascinated or intrigued by it whatsoever. I’m a science oriented person so I find the math and sciences more easier for me to comprehend and execute. I’m fine in English for the most part and I am awful at history. I never got above a 75 on a test in my AP World History class I am taking right now. In fact, the only reason I have such a high average is because of all the projects we have to work on and ...

2. Should I take APUSH? Answered - CollegeVine

  • 6 jun 2021 · I know passing the APUSH exam can count for the American History ... hate history not going to lie), definitely would recommend taking it even if ...

  • Depends on what you want + what colleges you're looking at. If you're looking at top schools, take APUSH to boost your GPA. Helps you be a more competitive

3. Should I take APUSH if I'm not that much of a history buff?

  • 23 aug 2021 · If you are taking APUSH and hate it, you can certainly drop it and find another class if needed. You have a few AP's including AP English ...

  • Hi guys, I’m a high school junior and pretty conflicted rn. I’m currently taking US History and I absolutely already hate it, I hate my classmates and I hate my teacher (I’ve only taken one class since the school year just started, idk the content or anything). Should I take APUSH? Is it worth it? Right now the courses I’m taking are: AP English Language and Composition Sports Med AP Chemistry Wind Ensemble (basically like honors band) Alg 2 Honors AP Comp Sci Principles US History Spani...

4. Is it that bad to not take AP US History in high school? -

  • The AP credit is really nice once you get to college, but in all honesty, you've got a fair amount of credits as is and if you aren't diggin history it might be ...

  • Alright, so I'm going to be a junior and we have to do our course selection this coming week. I already have been cleared for all the APs I wish to take and my

5. Five Reasons Why You Should (and should not) Take AP US History

  • 18 jun 2013 · If you hate writing, you will also hate this class. 4. You're not a big reader. You will be reading. A lot. Have you seen your history book?

  • If you happened to check Hell, also known as AP US History, on your schedule for what most likely is your junior/most-stressful year, it would be sensible to conclude that you probably go to bed ev…

6. Is AP US History Hard? A Complete 2023 Guide -

7. Is AP United States History Hard? (Answered) - Pivot Tutors

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  • Is AP United States History hard? Explore why this course is challenging and learn key strategies to succeed.

8. AP US History: Pros and Cons - Millburn Online

  • 8 jun 2010 · "Not taking AP US history probably looks bad on college apps if you are a high-performing kid at a school that offers the course". Not true. It ...

  • Millburn Online

9. Another AP question: APUSH in 10th grade? [Archive]

  • 10 mrt 2023 · ... APUSH now, its unclear if he can take it later. I'm wondering if I should contact his school counselor to understand our options better. When ...

  • I've been following the other threads about APs with interest and I have question on 10th grade. DS has been recommended for APUSH in 10th grade. He will also be taking the highest level Science, Math and Language courses offered for the grade at his school. Some of his friends are opting not to do APUSH because it can be challenging with their extracurricular schedules. He is on the fence. In 9th grade, DS did highest level math, science and language and seemed to manage fine with his music


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  • An opinion - a student helping out other studentsAPUSH Practice Test Sites

11. IS AP US History Hard ? | Turito

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  • The APUSH is a challenging exam. APUSH is a demanding advanced placement course for high school students. The course covers centuries of information.

12. [PDF] AP® United States History Teacher's Guide

  • ... take an AP U.S. History Released Exam for final grade. ... hate relationships with history ... Mississippian explained his plan thus: “Carry the election peaceably ...

13. Seven Tips for Teaching AP US HISTORY

  • 26 aug 2021 · It is a disservice to teach World War II in one week, but it might be what you have to do to get through the curriculum. And though you must ...

  • The Essentials for How to Teach AP US History   AP US History can be one of the most daunting classes in high school for both students and teachers. It is a massive undertaking each and every year. But it is worth it.  Even though, like many AP teachers, I have an array of issues and bones to pick with the College Board, it offers students a powerful survey of our country’s history and the opportunity to think deeply about the events that shaped our nation. Maybe more than that, APUSH offers students a serious challenge that will sharpen their reading, writing, and thinking skills throughout the year.  AP US History students who work to meet the demands of the course will be more ready for the rigors of college and life- and that makes it worth it. But even veteran teachers struggle with how to teach AP US History and for first year teachers, it can be overwhelming and exhausting- but it need not be! After teaching APUSH for ten years in a title-1 school to mostly sophom*ores, I am sure these tips for teaching AP US History can help first year APUSH teachers as well as experienced ones be more successful and find more joy teaching it. 1. Stick to the Pacing Guide This was the absolute best advice I got at my first AP Summer Institute before my first year teaching AP US History.  It's challenging work to pace out the curriculum and skill development for an eight-month course. It is a disservice to teach World War II in one week, but it might be what you have to do to get thro...

14. What APUSH Actually Taught Me | AP US History - Fiveable

  • Most students probably don't relate to such an extreme example as to why they might hate history. ... Before I took APUSH, I could not be swayed that another ...

  • APUSH helped me realized more about the modern world than any of my previous courses. What was this surprising revelation?

15. 52 percent of test takers failed APUSH - DC Urban Moms and Dads

  • 5 jul 2023 · My student did not take AP US history as a ... I didn't argue since I knew she hated reading. ... School administrators must be dumb if they ...

  • Anonymous wrote:

16. Should I take AP World History? Answered - CollegeVine

  • 8 feb 2022 · Hi! I'm in AP World History right now and, even though history is one of my worst subjects, the class isn't extremely hard to manage, ...

  • Hi! I'm in AP World History right now and, even though history is one of my worst subjects, the class isn't extremely hard to manage, it just gets hard ab

17. The 5 Easiest AP Exams to Self-Study - PrepScholar Blog

  • US History: You'll learn a lot of the AP test material in an honors AP US History ... hate, even if the exam has a ... When should you take the SAT or ACT? John ...

  • Looking for the easiest APs to self study? We walk you through popular options, including Psychology and Biology, and help you pick the best one for you.

18. Question Types on the AP U.S. History Exam - Barron's Educational Series

  • 8 apr 2024 · There are several different question types on the AP U.S. History exam you should practice before taking the exam in May. ... when you take the ...

  • Learn about the four different question types on the AP U.S. History exam, including the multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, DBQ, and LEQ.

19. How to Be Successful in APUSH - Knight Times

  • 5 feb 2020 · ... APUSH (AP U.S. History). ... I'll be honest: I hate taking notes out of the book. ... However, make sure to be careful when choosing a Quizlet; some ...

  • History can be a difficult subject to study for, let alone an AP history course. Identifying a proficient routine for studying is the key to be successful in APUSH (AP U.S. History). When I started APUSH last July, I was totally lost. The chapters are long and require a long time to read and take...

20. How conservatives forced changes to AP US history to make it more ... - Vox

  • 3 aug 2015 · Where the old framework said that students should have to "analyze ways that philosophical, moral, and scientific ideas were used to defend and ...

  • Vox is a general interest news site for the 21st century. Its mission: to help everyone understand our complicated world, so that we can all help shape it. In text, video and audio, our reporters explain politics, policy, world affairs, technology, culture, science, the climate crisis, money, health and everything else that matters. Our goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of income or status, can access accurate information that empowers them.

21. [PDF] Ten Things to Consider When Teaching AP U.S. History

  • 2 okt 2013 · to hate slavery? • What insights does an ... take notes on my own mini-lecture. Either ... should the 1950s be summed up as a decade of ...

22. Jim Crow Laws: Definition, Facts & Timeline | HISTORY

  • 28 feb 2018 · Black codes were strict local and state laws that detailed when, where and how formerly enslaved people could work, and for how much ...

  • Jim Crow laws were state and local statutes that legalized racial segregation. Enacted after the Civil War, the laws denied equal opportunity to Black citizens.

23. Is AP® US History Hard? -

  • 1 mrt 2022 · Or you could do all of the legwork on your own and take the APUSH exam after doing your own studying and APUSH review sessions. If you choose ...

  • Find out what makes the AP® US History course difficult all while getting insights on what makes it so tough and the best strategies to acing the APUSH exam.

24. AP World History Notes: Continuity & Change Over Time in the AP Histories

  • The Protestant Reformation was aided by the Scientific Revolution, a movement that helped spawn higher intellectualism in Europe (though it must be noted that ...

  • 🌍 Exam Skills study guides written by former AP World students to review Exam Skills with detailed explanations and practice questions.

Should I Take Apush If I Hate History (2024)


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