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Death is no big deal in Remnant 2. It’s amazing how we take for granted the fact that our Traveler can shake off dying time and time again with no consequence. We don’t even leave behind “souls”, just a death marker that tells us where we died. Failure though is not something that most Travelers stomach. Unfortunately, failure is what needs to happen in order for the Singed Ring to show up.

The Singed Ring is a secret alternate reward that can be acquired after the conclusion of the Burning event in the Butcher’s Quarter.

How to get Singed Ring in Remnant 2?

To get the Singed Ring, you’ll need to proceed to the execution site as normal. You may encounter some enemies here and there as well as a couple of Specials along the way. They don’t present much of a threat unless in attack in large numbers. The Dran that burn themselves have unusually damage resistance.

The entrance of the execution grounds is marked with a checkpoint crystal. It’s a good idea before crossing the threshold for the event to start.

Once you’re inside the arena, you’ll see a scene of a mob of deranged Dran trying to burn one of their own over things he saw. Try not to draw their aggro by aiming and shooting your weapon. It doesn’t matter either way but we’d rather get the event over with than deal with an entire mob before the fire is lit.

Our first instinct is usually to try and save the helpless Dran. That’s just it goes most of the time. But this is Remnant 2 and you get a reward for different outcomes. Preventing any and all attempts to set the pile of wood on fire will reward you with the Dran Momento ring. That’s good for the Dran but not for us who are looking to get a new ring.

What you can do is wait for the executioner to rush over and light the bonfire. This will trigger the end of the event. It will seem like you have gotten nothing for your troubles and may look like you have gone there for nothing. Even worse is that the moment, the event ends, the mob becomes hostile. At least there won’t be reinforcements coming out of the woodwork.

At this point, you can either choose to die from the mob or kill them and then take a sip of Liquid Escape. What’s important is that it appears that you’ve moved on to another area.

When you get back to the checkpoint crystal, go back to the execution ground. You will now see a pig feeding on the remains of the poor individual. This is all intentional, by the way.

(If you don’t see the pig, that means something has gone wrong with the sequence. But if the Dran burns to death, it should trigger the pig event the moment you get back.)

Kill the pig and a ring should appear right where the body of the pig was. This is the secret Singed Ring we’ve been looking for the entire time. Pick it up to add to your collection.

Singed Ring Details

As described, the Singed Ring increases all dealt to BURNING enemies by 10%. This is a perfect supplement for any FIRE builds that focus on lingering flames.

If we’re talking about complementary pieces, the Talisman of the Sun goes really well with this ring. In fact, anything that involves BURNING or ELEMENTAL buffs should be up for consideration. We’re talking about the Alumni Ring, Fire Stone, and Stone of Malevolence (if you’re looking to make a Mod build.) Since the Talisman of the Sun is in play, you can consider bringing along the Ring of Omens to have that smoke screen dodge.

The Engineer’s Heavy Weapon: Flamethrower is a good choice for a SKILL that goes well with a BURNING build. Even summons benefit from the rings and amulet that you equip.

And finally, any weapons that have the Hot Shot Weapon Mod is going to work for this build. (Might we suggest the Chicago Typewriter for that quick ignition.) The Hellfire SMG is a good secondary if you can find a way to make up for the weapon’s lack of range. And you can’t go wrong with having the Smolder as your melee weapon of choice.

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Remnant 2: How to get Singed Ring | Sirus Gaming (2024)


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