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When Regenexx first began offering interventional orthopedic therapy in 2005 as part of an IRB-approved medical study, it was one of the few clinics in the world treating orthopedic problems in this way. Now other clinics have started to offer basic cell therapies, most in plastic surgery and cosmetics, and more recently for orthopedic therapies. While we welcome the growth in cell-based medicine, we also know that we’re world leaders in this area. As leaders, we set a higher standard for ourselves in all of the procedures we offer our patients.

Interventional Orthopedics focuses on precise percutaneous injection placement of orthobiologics under exact image guidance. These regenerative biologic treatments, like bone marrow concentrate therapy and platelet rich plasma, require a level of expertise that is difficult to attain. The Interventional Orthopedic Foundation (IOF) is the leading educational organization teaching these skills.See Regenexx Tampa Bay’s founder, James Leiber, DO’s interview with the IOF. Just like Interventional Cardiology changed the ways physicians did cardiac procedures starting in the 1980s through catheters instead of open heart surgery, Interventional Orthopedics is changing the way orthopedic problems are being treated.

Orthobiologics are biologic solutions, from amniotic fluid to a patient’s own bone marrow. These solutions are injected into orthopedic tissue to help the body heal itself by repairing and/or re-growing tissues such as ligament, tendon, cartilage, muscle, and bone. Eliminating the need for most orthopedic surgeries performed today. At Regenexx Tampa Bay, we use a variety of different orthobiologics based on Regenexx protocols such platelets, bone marrow, fat grafts, A2M, FDA-approved Amniotic tissue. This field is everchanging and the orthobiologic options are quickly evolving.

Click hereto choose the body part that you are interested in. While this is not a complete list, it will provide you with the most common treatments by body part.

If you have a question about whether your condition can be treated, please call us at 813-544-3123 in Tampa and at 941-357-1773 in Sarasota.

Because the procedure protocol will vary from person to person and because each person will have a unique condition to be treated, the pricing of procedures can vary considerably from patient to patient. An evaluation will give you a better idea of condition, treatment, and costs specific to your condition. The chart below provides a general idea of the procedures and where they fall in terms of cost and severity of conditions treated. Platelet procedures cost considerably less than bone marrow concentrate procedures.

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No, while we have seen occasional MRI evidence of cartilage growth in mild and moderate arthritis, we generally don’t see it with severe arthritis. Regardless, this does not seem to impact the clinical results. Cartilage does not have nerve endings and lack of cartilage is not a source of pain per se. It is the visual evidence that the tissue is breaking down due to an imbalance of chemicals in the joint. That is, too many chemicals trying to break down tissue (catabolic) vs. the number of chemicals trying to repair the tissue (anabolic). Bone marrow concentrate and platelet-rich plasma, as well as microfragmented fat all,improve this balance favorably toward a more anabolic environment. This process helps to reduce pain and improve function even in most patients with severe arthritis.

Many mechanisms have been put forth, including long-term blocking of cells that destroy the joint, rescue of cells that fix the joint, replacing lost native cells that maintain the joint, decreased inflammation, and improved stability. See ourblogabout cartilage loss for more information.


The same-day procedure involves taking cells and then isolating within one day and placing them back into orthopedic tissue in the same patient. This is an FDA-compliant procedure.

The cultured procedure grows stem cells to larger numbers over a period of a few weeks. This is categorized as a drug in the U.S. by the FDA and therefore requires drug approval before use. At this time, Regenexx offers this cultured procedure in Grand Cayman only.

That depends on which procedure is performed.

For example, for knee arthritis, you can expect three days of significant down-time followed by a slow return to normal activities over six weeks. While you may be asked to wear a brace, very few of our procedures require crutches. We generally prescribe physical therapy and provide a rehabilitation protocol.

In general, our registry based research has shown that, for bone marrow concentrate procedures, older age does not adversely impact outcome for most conditions. Outcomes for patients with severe hip arthritis do, however, seem to be related to age.

Regenexx Tampa Bay is one of the leading facilities in the country. Thephysiciansare amongst the best trained and most experienced Regenexx doctors in the country. We are frequently involved in teaching the Interventional Orthopedic techniques to physicians from around the world.

Call us at 813-544-3123 in Tampa and at 941-357-1773 in Sarasota to schedule a phone review with one of our doctors or schedule an appointment with one of our Regenexx Tampa Bay physicians.

Find out if you’re a Regenexx Candidate

This is on a case-by-case basis and would be based on the advice of the doctor. One of the many things that set Regenexx procedures apart from all other therapy being offered is dosage; to ensure the best possible outcome, the doctor takes many factors into consideration. We have various different orthobiologic materials that can be used to put a plan together to treat multiple areas.

The best way to get started is to call Regenexx Tampa Bay at 813-544-3123 in Tampa and at 941-357-1773 in Sarasota. You can also start the process by completing the Are You a Candidate Form. This will give you initial information on setting up an in-person patient evaluation or a phone review of your condition with a doctor.

Regenexx chooses physicians carefully with a rigorous selection process followed by intensive standardized training. Some Regenexx facilities are not certified to treat all body areas. Regenexx Tampa Bay is a full service Regenexx partner.

We do. We have been collecting patient outcome data for quite some time and we regularly and openly publish the results with the public. To view this data, visit ourResearchpage andOutcomesPage.

Frequently Asked Questions (2024)


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