Crock Pot Cheesy Potato Soup Recipe - Slow Cooker Potato Soup (2024)

  • Ervin Smith Reply

    Ok this sounds great this is good way to get ready of tatters before they turn into oh god what’s that smell oh this will freeze well and I made it up like freezer bags another pond so thank you for this wonderful recipe good day

  • Jennifer Reply

    Can this be made the day before and then heated up for a baby shower?

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Yes, that should be fine!

  • Sandella Reply

    Is the cheese going to melt?

    • Crissy Page Reply


  • Joe Reply

    I wonder if you could paste more pop up ads on this page. Definitely not enough.

    • Crissy Page Reply

      I’m working on it, Joe, thanks for the nudge and Merry Christmas.

  • Shyenne Reply

    Is the 30 minutes in step 2 on high or low heat? Does it matter? I’m making it tonight… I had some baby carrots in my fridge that I needed to get rid of so I cut some of those up tossed them in there too… I hope it’s good! 😅

  • Rhonda Doss Reply

    Easy and so good.

  • BB Reply

    Love the taste but mine is too watery. How can I thicken it up? Thanks!

  • Brooke Reply

    If I wanted to make this for a crowd of 6, what would the measurements be then? If you wouldn’t mind sharing that would be so helpful.

  • Jennifer Zavala Reply

    Oh my goodness! This potato soup is delicious. I followed the ingredients but substituted the onion with 1 Tbsp of onion powder as I don’t like the texture of onion. My daughter loves potato soup, and I can’t wait for her to get home from school to try this. This is a restaurant quality recipe. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Kristen Reply

    I always add in smoked sausage about half way through (the fully cooked kind) sooooo good!

  • Bradley Reply

    I’m making this this weekend and I’m looking forward to it. I want to add stew/steak meat to
    It with some spicy velvets cheese to spice/nacho it up. Any suggestions on adding the stew/steak meat?

  • Lisa Reply

    This is soooo good. We have made it over and over again. Really easy to make for people with busy lifestyles.

  • Angelina Reply

    Trying for the second time! I’m not ready to give up! Last weekend I followed this recipe exact, used the 1lb melting cheese block of velveeta cut into chunks also, but it never ever melted 😳 everything else was cooking just fine! I bumped it up to high for 30 minutes and it still didn’t melt. Should I have used/done something different?

    • Debbie Reply

      I use 2 bags of the shredded Velveeta. It melts a lot faster.

  • Rachel Reply

    I’ve been making this recipe for a few years! It’s amazing and always a hit for company! I normally don’t comment on recipes, especially not to add edits. But I’ve added 1-2 scraped and diced jalapeños to the first step of this recipe and it’s so good! Doesn’t add much for spice because I scrape them so much, but definitely adds some more flavor! (Not that this recipe needs more, it’s excellent as is!) thanks for sharing!

  • Heather Reply

    By far the BEST! Everyone asks for the recipe as soon as they smell it!

  • Missy Reply

    I plan to make this soup this weekend. Instead of chunks of cheese I plan to use a can of nacho cheese. Has anyone ever tried this?

  • CAS Reply

    Next time I’ll use 1 tsp of garlic. For it was a little too garlicky. BUT DELICIOUS!

  • Linda Reply

    We’re going to make this delicious-looking soup this week. We always use Mexican-style Velveeta cheese for a little zing in our potato soup. Thank you for the great recipe!

  • Rachel Reply

    This is literally the best potato cheese soup I’ve ever had (or any soup for that matter.) This is a staple recipe in my kitchen now. It’s absolutely velvety, luxurious, and warms you through and through on fall and winter evenings!

  • Bridgette Daniel Reply

    This recipe was a big hit at my house. Hubby said he’s never had any better potato soup ever! Thank you for the recipe

  • Keely Reply

    I love this recipe, it is so easy to customize! I have made it in the crockpot and on the stove top when I am in a hurry. Both ways are great!

    • Wayne Senioe Reply

      Hey Keely
      Just saw you cook this on the stove to make it quicker. I love this recipe but often don’t have the time, would it be too much to ask for your recipe? I’d love to try it.
      I understand if you don’t have the time.If you can,
      Thanks sooooo much!
      Warm regards,

      • Courtney

        Hey Wayne not sure how Keely does if, but I cook the onions and garlic in 4 Tablespoons of butter for about five minutes. Add the flour and stir for about a minute. Then add the potatoes, broth, and seasoning. Bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer. Cook for about 15 minutes. Add cream and milk and cook for about another 15-20 minutes until I like the potatoes texture. Add the cheese. Stir until melted and serve. Hope that helps!

    • Tara C. Reply

      Very good recipie!! I added chopped carrots and celery to this as well as some shredded cheddar with the Velveeta. Delish!!

    • Sara Reply

      Hello I want to make this tonight, and I don’t have enough time to cook the potatoes for 3 hrs, can I just boil them in water and then add then to the chicken broth?

  • Wanda Reply

    I added a can of healthy cream of mushroom and used cubed smoked ham steak. Excellent! Definitely saving this pin!

  • Jeanne Reply

    This is the best soup ever! Making it now for the fourth time and I’ve tried other recipes that do not even come close! Thank you so much for this easy yet very tasty recipe.

    Rating: 5

    • Clee Reply

      Since you’ve made this before can I ask why doesn’t the cheese melt when I add the cheese and it has been cooking for hours did I do something wrong perhaps? Just thought I’d ask

      • Debbie

        I use 2 bags of the shredded Velveeta. I melts a lot faster!

  • Mama Beas Reply

    Best. Soup. Ever. The End

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Page Reply

      I could not agree more! :) Thank you so much for commenting!!

      • Eileen Smith

        Hi Crissy,
        I’m making this today & I can’t wait! I’m curious I love keeping the potato peel on after scrubbing. Would they slip off while cooking & affect the texture?

      • Rachel

        I’ve been making this recipe for a few years! It’s amazing and always a hit for company! I normally don’t comment on recipes, especially not to add edits. But I’ve added 1-2 scraped and diced jalapeños to the first step of this recipe and it’s so good! Doesn’t add much for spice because I scrape them so much, but definitely adds some more flavor! (Not that this recipe needs more, it’s excellent as is!) thanks for sharing!

    • JULI Reply

      I added 2lbs of velveta & Crumbled bacon & crmbled croutons on top. It was good.

  • Charlene Elfer Reply

    I didn’t make it yet but I will definitely try. Sounds Good and Not so hard!

    Rating: 5

  • Leigh Schanta Reply

    I made this but added two boneless chicken breasts, cooked it all for 4 hours on high and then shredded the chicken and put it back in with step 2. Sooooo good !

    Rating: 5

  • Stephanie Reply

    I’m making this recipe this weekend but wanted to add carrots & broccoli. Would I add these towards the end or at the beginning?

    • Ken Reply

      You know, it really comes down to the tenderness you like. If the vegetables are put in at the beginning, they will very soft to mushy at the end. Likewise, if you add then I the last hour, they will be still pretty firm and still crispy. I would add the carrots and broccoli 1/2 way through the cooking time.

  • Jena Reply

    Crissy, I can’t wait to try this! Fall is finally here in Ohio????My guy works out in a garage so he’s alway ready for something warm and delicious! Thank you for the recipe❣️

    Rating: 5

  • Dana Scott Reply

    This is my second time making this! Made it last Sunday and everyone loved it, even my picky 8 yr olds. I made this using what I had on hand which was regular Idaho potatoes, it turned out beautifully! I haven’t made it with the yellow gold potatoes but I’m sure it is just as amazing. Very creamy and the ultimate comfort food! We added freshly cooked bacon crumbled up just before serving. This soup makes my heart sing! Thank you for this amazing recipe!

    Rating: 5

  • Lexi Reply

    Just made this today. Really loved it. I did make some minor changes, and like another reviewer said, this makes an excellent base recipe.I put ham in my soup, and also the chopped frozen broccoli that you get at the store, because for some unknown reason, I have a terrible time finding florets.I didn’t use Velveeta, and instead I used an 8oz bag of the shredded smokey bacon cheese that Kraft offers. Great choice! Most people suggest not using the preshredded cheese because of the lumps that they tend to create, but I don’t mind cheesy lumps personally.I also didn’t have any half and half, so I used 1/2 cup whole milk and 3 Tablespoons of butter to substitute. Worked out awesome!Thank you for this lovely recipe! Tasted fabulous, and extremely easy to make!

    Rating: 5

    • Cheryl Reply

      When did you put the frozen broccoli in? In the beginning or at the end?

      • Lexi

        If it’s chopped really small, you will want to put it near the end. You could put it in anytime though, but you’ll lose some of the texture. It doesn’t take long to cook chopped broccoli.

  • Jalayne Flores Reply

    Hi! I want to try this recipe, but what is a faster way to make it on the stove. We’ve made similar soups for less than 2 hours before on stove. Any advice?

    • kg Reply

      I bring to a boil and then simmer for 40 minutes on the stove!
      I guess I am answering this 2 years later lol.

    • Crissy Page Reply

      I’m so pleased that you loved it, Diane!

  • rick smith Reply

    First let me say this Velveeta is not cheese it is a processed cheese product. I made this recipe and used real cheese a combination of 4 cheeses, Havarti, Gruyere, Fontaina and Cheddar it was amazing. Using a crock pot makes this a mix and forget about it. I used low for 6.5 hours and was able to get everything done and have a great soup at the end of the day. I also think bacon is a must in this soup

    Rating: 4

  • Chelsea Reply

    Do y’all cover while potatoes cooking in crock pot?

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Yes lid on please!

  • Cindy Reply

    I have always add ham cubed and it is delicious!

    Rating: 5

  • Tiff Reply

    This is so good! Everyone loves it and requests it at least once a week!

    Rating: 5

  • Katelyn Shears Reply

    Hello!!BEST POTATO SOUP EVER! I have made this twice, and I prefer my second remake of the soup! 4cups of the broth and heavy cream instead of the latter.. It definitely made it thicker, so if you need 4.5-5 cups of broth, go for it, but the heavy cream instead of half and half made a difference for us! Absolutely a killer! I added some potatoes because we like a big bite at my house, but this will forever be a favorite and may never be beaten! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Just wish I knew the calorie count! If anybody has any knowledge on that, I’d be grateful!

    Rating: 5

  • Grace Reply

    So so good. Definitely my new favorite!

    Rating: 5

  • Donna P Reply

    Just wanted to add that I used great value “velveeta “ because it was much cheaper and the taste was still wonderful!

    Rating: 5

  • Donna P Reply

    This was THE best potato soup I have ever made! Absolutely delicious and everyone loved it! Have made it several times and each time I had so many compliments on how yummy it was! Thanks for sharing!

    Rating: 5

  • Bethany Shannon Reply

    I made this yesterday evening and added a can of diced green Chile to it after adding the chicken broth. (I am from NM and some spicyness is always good) This meal turned out excellent! I will definitely be making this again! Thank you. ?

    Rating: 5

  • Megan Reply

    I changed this recipe a lot, mostly because I only had a 3-quart crock pot, and from some of the suggestions in the comments. I used only 3 cups of chicken broth, and it still didn’t thicken up. So I had to use extra cornstarch (didn’t have flour}. I also cooked the garlic and onions before-hand mostly because I like the flavor better when the onions are caramalized, so that’s more of a personal taste kind of thing. And lastly I had to add in some spices at the end because it did taste a little bland, but I’m also Southern so I like everything I eat to be spicy lol. But other than that, this recipe was amazing and I’m 100% going to make it again.

    Rating: 5

  • Judy Pierce Reply

    This soup is SO delicious. I’m making it right now to take to a soup luncheon with senior adults. I know they will love it, too. For those who have had difficulty with their soup not being thick enough, I had the same problem and added just enough instant potato flakes for thickening. It worked out great! Love the idea of adding corn and may do that this time. Thanks for so many wonderful recipes!

    Rating: 5

  • Erin Reply

    About how many pounds of potatoes would you say your “6 large” are?

    I am also doubling this recipe. Do you think a double batch will fit in my 6 qt crockpot? Or will there be too much?

    • Camille Reply

      How many pounds of potatoes did you end up using?

  • Kim Teaford Reply

    Do you have the nutritional information for this recipe, especially the Carbohydrate info.
    Both my husband and I are diabetic.
    Making this right now and can’t wait to try it. Will definitely rate and comment.

    Thank You,

  • Pamela Reply

    Yummy! Glad I came upon this recipe! Thanks!

    Rating: 5

  • Kelli Reply

    OMG! Best potato soup ever! I added cream of mushroom soup, used 1lb of Velveeta, 2 cups of cheddar and cajun seasoning. My family loved it!

    Rating: 5

  • Donna G Reply

    My family loved it!

  • Danielle Reply

    This is sooo good! My family who doesn’t even like potato soup normally, ate all of it! I added a little bit of chopped celery and carrots and it was delicious!

    Rating: 5

  • Sarah Reply

    The first time I made this recipe it was so easy and perfect! This time I made it and it didnt thicken up! I keep looking at the ingredients and I don’t see anything I forgot! What could it be!?

    Rating: 5

  • Clint Reply

    Love this Recipe!! I forgot to comment last time I made this for the wife and kids. This time the end result was the same as the last. Anytime I can find a recipe that results in zero leftovers and zero complaining by any of them….It’s a winner for sure!! Thank you for sharing this recipe.

    Rating: 5

  • Donna Reply

    I made this recipe twice in the last month and everyone LOVES it!!! I did add about 4 more potatoes because we like a lot of substance in our soup. I also used great value equivalent of Velveeta and flavor was just as good and over $3.00 cheaper. Thank you for sharing!

    Rating: 5

    • Judy Reply

      Thanks for commenting on the great value Velveeta! I will try it.

  • Debbie Reply

    Finally a good basic potato soup recipe!! Making it for the second time today.We loved it.

    Rating: 5

  • Kat Reply

    Went deliciously. Served with some baguettes. Thanks for the recipe!

    Rating: 5

  • Jayne Reply

    Made this tonight. It was excellent and so easy. Thank you!

    Rating: 5

  • Callie Reply

    This recipe is probably going to be my favorite now. It was absolutely amazing! Better than any cheddar potato soup I have ever tried!

    Rating: 5

  • Rio Rose Sokup Reply

    SERIOUSLY SO GOOD!!! I substituted 1lb sharp cheddar for Velveeta and put in two jalapenos. TASTE WAS TO DIEEE FOR. I’m making it for the second time right now >:D

  • Mama Beas Reply

    I’m enjoying every drop of this soup as I’m typing. Easy to make and beyond delicious. All four kids (one who is super picky) are on second helpings. This is officially part of our Soup for Sunday rotation. “Mom you need to make more of this someday”. -7 year old daughter

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      Yay, I am so happy that your kids love this recipe! Thanks for commenting! :)

  • Virginia Reply

    Can cornstarch be substituted for flour for those requiring gluten free?

    • Crissy Reply

      Hi Virgina, I haven’t tried it so I can’t be sure, but, I think it will work. Let us know how it turned out if you give this a whirl.

    • Jason Reply

      Yes, just use half as much cornstarch, compared to flour. Cornstarch has more thickening power than flour, so if a recipe calls for 2 TBSP Flour, use 1 TBSP.

  • Caiti Reply

    Can this be made on the stove ?

    • Esme Reply

      I did mine on stove as I wanted it to be faster than on the crockpot my two toddlers asked for seconds!

      Rating: 5

  • Misty Reply

    This was very good my family loved it, I added bacon in while cooking also

    Rating: 5

  • Connie Reply

    So very cheesy and good.

    Rating: 5

  • Lauren Reply

    The best soup I’ve made! We added corn as well. This soup has so much flavor!

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      Ooh, corn in it was good I’ll bet!

  • Natalie Reply

    I never comment on these things but I just tried this today and it’s AMAZING! Tastes just like favorite (at chili’s) but so easy to make at home! My husband just tried it and his eyes lit up. Thank you!

    Rating: 5

  • Britt Reply

    I dont think I’ve ever commented on a recipe, if I’m honest, but my family absolutely loves this recipe! My 8 year old had his bowl up to his lips drinking every last bit of it and has been begging me to make it again! lolWe’re making it again and I’m attempting to make a bigger batch this time so maybe we’ll have leftovers! I’m noting the shredded cheese tip for next time as I don’t usually cook with velveeta but make an exception here! Thanks for the great recipe/pin!

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      Thank you for the nice comment, Britt!! Glad you love it!! :)

  • Kara Reply

    I am obsessed with Bob Evan’s potato soup, but the closest one to me is an hr away! I’m so excited to try this but will regular potatoes work I can’t find the ones listed at my grocery??

    • Crissy Reply

      Hey Kara (love your name, it’s my daughter’s!) any potatoes will be okay!

  • Angel Reply

    I made this today it turned out amazing! Probably my favorite potato soup I have made so far. I changed a few things I used the O’Brien frozen hashbrown potato with peppers and onions. I didn’t want to chop potatoes or onions. lol I also added bacon and green onion in each individual bowl with shredded cheddar cheese. This recipe is a keeper thank you for posting it. ?

  • Abigail Evans Reply

    Ive made this soup so many times for my family! They love it and beg me to make it everytime they are over! I love to make it using a stock pot. its faster and thickens it perfectly! There are not enough stars to rate this recipe!!! :)

    Rating: 5

  • n Reply

    This soup was very very good! Also pretty easy to make. I added the bacon and omitted the green onions. I also added some pepper jack cheese! Delish

    Rating: 5

  • Julie Reply

    How many does this recipe serve?

  • Amanda Reply

    This is the best Potato soup recipe that I have found yet

  • Courtney Reply

    Wow!!! I wanted to find a good potato soup recipe to try and I am so glad that I found this one. My family LOVED it. They told me before even finishing their first bowls that I absolutely HAVE to make it again. Thumbs up all around from this family!!!

    Rating: 5

  • John A. Kimball Reply

    Ate 2 bowls after make it. I want to eat another but I cannot. Lovely, lively, tasteful. I will eat the soup for lunch next week and there afterwards.??

    Rating: 5

    • Susan Reply

      Good base for this recipe! I used cheddar soup instead of Velveeta cheese, wasn’t cheesy enough so I added shredded cheese. The only mistake I made was adding 6 cups of chicken broth instead of 4 and a little too garlicky but I will know for next time. Great recipe still and easy to make!

  • Emma Reply

    Cool recipe! Question… Can you use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth?

    • Crissy Reply


  • Amanda Reply

    I’m making this right now and it smells amazing! I used 6 cups of broth and I’m worried it may be too watery. I’m waiting for the cheese to melt right now but if it’s too watery for my liking is there something I can do? Maybe add more flour mixture or heavy cream? ?

    • Cheryl Reply

      I had this same problem. I tried adding some cornstarch but it didn’t help. Curious what others found to help thicken it? It’s good, but just a touch thicker would make it great. Next time I definitely won’t add all the broth.

      • Crissy

        Hey Amanda, I think cutting back on the broth will solve your problem. Thanks for commenting!

      • Linda Gillenwaters

        Cheryl – I make this recipe with a can of cream of celery soup (undiluted), 2c. of chicken broth and one pkg of cream cheese. I use regular grated cheese (pkg). Everything else is the same: bacon, pepper, onion – I brown the edges of mine). I do not use garlic, i/2&1/2, i cook my potatoes a little first, and I use 2c. of broth instead of 4-6. See all the liquid that is eliminated? You can always add it later, if you need it. I have been making this for about 15 years and it is my favorite and I am a big soup person. So please give it another try. Linda G.

    • S Conti Reply

      I know this is late but I keep a bag of instant mashed potatoes in my pantry for this very reason… It’s a great thickener and comes in many different flavors!

  • Heather Reply

    This was pure perfection. We both went back for a 2nd bowl. Only thing I changed was adding diced carrots. Will absolutely be making this again and again and again. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Rating: 5

  • Vevvie Reply

    This soup was absolutely delicious! I’m trying to be a bit healthier, so I only put in half of the Velveeta and it still came out super cheesy and yummy. I also added two little cans of hot green chiles and poured some Cholula on the top of my soup. Wow! Talk about spicy and really yummy!

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      Sounds amazing, vevvie!

  • Rissa | So Very Me Reply

    Yummy! I can’t wait to try this. I’ve included your recipe in my recent roundup post on my blog, as well! :)

    Rating: 5

  • Noelle Reply

    Just made this tonight for my boyfriend and I and it is SO delicious! Definitely making this again!

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      I’m glad that you and your boyfriend loved my slow cooker potato soup, Noelle! :) Thank you for commenting!

  • Laura @TheTinyHouseFarm Reply

    I am so happy to find this recipe. Very delicious looking. One thing: can you substitute the Velveta for real cheese? Or will it clump up too much?


    • Crissy Reply

      Hey Laura! I’m so glad you loved it. I know that a few of my readers have used real cheese in place of the velveeta and they said it works very well. I would recommend buying a block of cheese and grating it yourself instead of getting the shredded stuff in the bag. Off the block seems to melt better! :)

  • ChrisofDan Reply

    Just curious, what size is your Yukon gold potato? Do you have an approximate weight for the 6 potatoes you list? I think I may get better results if I knew the difference of my large and your large! Lol. Thank you for a lovely recipe!

    Rating: 5

  • Rachel Reply

    Made this recipe tonight with some cresonts soo yummy!

  • Jessie Reply

    I didnt find the same potatoes so I’m afraid I might not use the correct amount. Can you tell me roughly about how many cups it would be when diced?

  • Debbie Reply

    I love this recipe. I was wondering if you have an instant pot version for this soup ?

    • Crissy Reply

      Debbie, I am working on an Instant Pot version, yes! I’m just not sure when I’ll be able to post it. Stay tuned!

  • Melanie Reply

    Found your blog looking for a tater tot casserole recipe and my, I’ve bookmarked several of your recipes! Lots of delicious stuff. Maybe because I’m a Midwestern girl, too…Wanted to let you know that your crockpot links in this article aren’t working. So I’m dying to know what your favorite crockpot is! :-)

  • Debbie Lester Reply

    Can you freeze leftovers

  • Ann B Reply

    How is the soup with vegetable broth instead? I am making it for a vegetarian.

    Rating: 5

    • Linda Gillenwaters Reply

      Any kind of broth will work, any kind of potatoes, any kind of cheese – this a wonderful soup and very adaptable

  • Monica Reply

    Any idea on how to make this on an instant pot?

    • Crissy Reply

      YES! Monica, I have a recipe for that coming very soon. Be sure you’re signed up for my mailing list.

  • Deanna Reply

    I wonder what happens if you put the cheese in at the beginning. … oops

    • Crissy Reply

      Deanna your comment made me laugh. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done something like that when cooking! It happens! I hope you’ll try it again. :)

    • Haley Reply

      What happened I just did that same thing 🤦🏻‍♀️ PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW IT CAME OUT

  • Elizabeth Caballero Reply

    I love this recipe. I added broccoli And some tomato sauce and it gave it a bit more flavor. Super yummy!

    Rating: 5

  • Michelle Reply

    I used bacon flavored salt. It gave it a really good bacony flavor. Great soup, thanks for sharing!

  • Amber R Reply

    This is THE BEST potato soup! Last time i made it i used a little more velveeta and a whole block of cream cheese as well. Oh. My. Goodness. ? everyone raved! I always serve with shredded cheese, real bacon bits, and green onion. Thank u so much. This has been a hit with so many relatives and friends!

    Rating: 5

  • Kelli Reply

    Delicious!! I’ve been looking for a good potato soup recipe since having it for the first time at subway 2 years ago and this is the first one that has even stepped up to the plate!! Not quite subway potato soup but still sooooo good loved it!!

    Rating: 5

  • Allison Reply

    I was a little skeptical, but this was delicious. I used a 32 oz bag of frozen diced hashbrowned potatoes, and it worked beautifully–for those who want to make this even easier. It looked like a lot of garlic and onion, but ended up being perfect. I also threw in some precooked diced ham at the beginning and it added some yummy flavor and texture. I think my husband liked this best out of anything I’ve made lately. I can see this being good for a potluck. Thank you for a keeper recipe.

    Rating: 5

  • Jen Reply

    Love this soup and freezes well

    Rating: 4

  • Pat Reply

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this recipe!! I didn’t have heavy cream so I added evaporated milk ( I Googled it). This has become one of my family’s favorite meals!!

    Rating: 5

  • Sherry Reply

    This was delicious! I added more garlic because I like it that way. And everything else exactly as written. So yummy!

    Rating: 5

  • Amanda Reply

    This was amazing!!! Im very very picky when it comes to potato soup,I have never made it because I’m so picky I always got it from a certain restaurant (O’Charley”s) but I made this and OMG it was delicious and my husband agreed!!! So thank you soooo much for this recipe!!!

    Rating: 4

  • Kelsey Reply

    I’m out of my house for at least 12 hours. Do you recommend shorting the time by an hour so it doesn’t over cook?

  • Brenda Reply

    Delicious! Even my meat-loving husband thoroughly enjoyed this version of potato soup. However, potatoes not as tender as he likes in time, so we transferred everything to stovetop and finished up.

    Rating: 5

  • Amanda Reply

    I don’t have veleveta. Can I substitute for cheddar? I know it won’t be the same, but curious since I don’t want to wait to make it!

    • Crissy Reply

      Hey Amanda, I think it will be great! Lots of people have made it using cheddar instead of the processed cheese. :)

  • Martie Summerfield Reply

    Can you freeze this soup?

    Rating: 5

  • Kindra Reply

    Delicious. I used sharp cheder cheese instead of Velveeta.

    Rating: 5

  • Kellee Hadley Reply

    Loved thia recipe! I added carrots and celery; awesome!!

    Rating: 5

  • Brittany Sharp Reply

    First of all, this recipe is wonderful. I tweeted it about to my liking and it came out amazing. I used 6 cups of broth instead of 4 and left out the garlic and green onions. It was a hit and I’ll definitely be making it again.

    Rating: 5

  • Chrysteen Reply

    This was absolutely fantastic!!! The cheese didn’t overpower the flavor, it was nice and mild, but definitely present. It was smooth and creamy and so, so good! My son (age 9) wants me to make it all the time, now. The recipe says 4-6 cups of chicken broth. I chose to go right up the middle with 5 cups. It wasn’t thick, but certainly not watery, either. I’ll stick with 5 cups. I used white pepper as opposed to black pepper just because I like the smooth flavor of white pepper, but beyond that, I followed the recipe exactly. It’s going to become a staple menu item at our house.

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      Glad you liked it!!!

  • Julie Reply

    Has anyone ever tried to freeze this?

  • Randi s Reply

    I made it tonight and it’s delicious. If you like it thick I recommend 4 cups of broth. Definitely try it!! Thank for you the great recipe!! ?

    Rating: 5

  • Hannah Reply

    That looks delicious!!

  • Charlotte Breland Reply

    I will be going on a soft diet. This will be great for me

  • Mckenzie Reply

    My family can not get enough of this great soup!

    Rating: 5

  • Hyeon Jeong Reply

    This looks fabulous! Cheesy potatoes, is there a better soup combo???

  • Tiffany Reply

    This is absolutely delicious!! Actually making the recipe for the 3rd time today. It’s amazing!

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      So happy that you love it, Tiffany! Thanks for commenting and rating my recipe! :)

  • Judy Hayhurst Reply

    This sounds so good. Going to try it for sure. Love that some one else calls all crock pots, crock pots. I have been corrected many times, but they are still crock pots.

  • Celena Reed Reply

    I did not get Velveeta. Do you think sharp cheddar or mozzarella would work?

    • Crissy Reply

      Cheddar would be good! :)

  • Carolyn Reply

    How can I make this in an instant pot instead of crock pot?

  • Shazi jafri Reply

    Which cheese we can use instead Velveeta ?

    • Crissy Reply

      A cheddar and monterey jack blend would be good.

  • Doris Reply

    I substituted cheddar cheese for velvetta, adds a diffe Flavor to the soup!

  • Molly Shelton Reply

    Hi I’m confused on do you do step 2 at the beginning of 30 mins before it’s done lol someone help I’m making it now

    • Crissy Reply

      AFTER 3 ½ hours on high ORabout 6 hours on low, do step 2. Hope this helps! :)

  • Dany Reply

    This asks for velveeta… can I use regular cheese? Same amount?

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Hi Dany, that should work!

    • Jenny Reply

      Dany – How did this work out using a pound of shredded cheese instead of Velveeta? This is what I’d like to try.

  • Cassie Reply

    Made this last week. Best potato soup I’ve ever had. We had everything on hand but the onions and bacon so I didn’t bother with those two things and it was still amazing. Hearty, creamy, and the family wanted seconds! Definitely a staple soup in this kitchen.

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Hi Cassie, thank you for commenting and I’m so glad you love the soup! :)

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  • JaneEllen Reply

    Makes me so hungry to look at photo of soup. Will need to save other 2 recipes. We love soup for supper in warmer weather, that way not eating heavy meal but eating nutritious food. Will enjoy this soup very much. When people get older often don’t want or need to eat big meal. I will be 77 in July and hubs was 75 this past Oct.
    Enjoy your weekend

  • Miz Helen Reply

    Hi Crissy,
    I sure wish this bowl of soup was on my table right now, it looks fabulous! Hope you are having a fantastic week and thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday!
    Miz Helen

  • Jess Reply

    YUMMY!! :)

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  • Jeannee Taylor Reply

    This soup looks so good! I’ll have to make a pot! Thanks for sharing@ #HomeMattersParty

  • Melony Smith Reply

    Yum, my aunt Doris made potato soup and I always wanted that recipe, now I have it

  • Michelle Reply

    Yay, what could be more delicious than potatoe soup that’s loaded with cheese and made in a crock pot. Pinned, thank you Crissy, it sounds delicious

  • Barrie Bismark Reply

    This looks so good! Nothing better than cheesy potato soup!

  • Teri @ The Freshman Cook Reply

    Cheesy Potato Soup is my all time favorite soup, and making it in the crock pot makes it all the better! Love this recipe, and I can’t wait to give it a try! Thanks for sharing at Celebrate It!

  • Sophie Reply

    Very Yummy ! The kind on soupe I love with this cold weather !

  • Gentle Joy Homemaker Reply

    What a delightful comfort food! It does look perfect! I used my “crockpot” often… and call it a crockpot… don’t know if I will ever be able to change to slow cooker! :)

  • STephanie Abbott Reply

    Added to my Pinterest queue. This recipe looks fantastic! I’d love for you to join our link up To Grandmas House We Go.

  • Audrey Reply

    This looks great on a cold day.

    Thanks for sharing on #TastyTuesdays

  • kristin mccarthy Reply

    I really can not even put into words how much I love cheese!

  • Charity Reply

    This sounds so good, I’m making it today! But, I added carrots, and will add spinach when the cream goes in. Can’t wait to eat it tonight!

  • Tiffany Cheung Reply

    This looks like a wonderful comfort food and super delish! Thanks for the recipe!

  • Crock Pot Cheesy Potato Soup Recipe - Slow Cooker Potato Soup (2024)


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