Cash Forex Group Review: Is CFX Legitime or a Scam? - Underpaids (2024)

There are many thoughts and misconceptions about this company, and that is why I have put together this Cash Forex Group review.

They either tell you they are legit and try to recruit you or tell you that it is nothing more than a scam, just to dupe you into something else.

Whether it be the thought of getting you to join them or using some bait-and-switch marketing, you can’t help but be skeptical about a review.

Now, I’m not here to act like some kind of knight in shining armor either because I’m not.

I am, however, an online entrepreneur who has been a part of many sites like Cash Forex Group.

I’ve been with them since they used advertising as its products back in the day when Traffic Monsoon was killing it and then got killed.

I’ve been with them when they utilized cryptocurrency when Bitcoin first shot through the roof.

It is that same time when USI Tech exploded, making lots of people money.

USI Tech then imploded when the FTC exposed them as a Ponzi scheme.

That’s when mining became the service of choice.

Even today, I am still with them, now that they are using trading as their product/service.

Most new members will never understand how it all works, and that’s because they don’t know the history of these programs.

They see the trading, along with the fact that they are making money.

Put those two together, and all you can say is, “it works.”

There’s more that you need to know about before you go spreading the same news as everyone else.

So before you jump into the social media world, telling everyone how excellent this new trading company is, let me show you what you are joining.

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Cash Forex Group Review – Product Overview

Cash Forex Group (CFX)$300


Cash Forex Group (CFX) is a network marketing business opportunity that utilizes the likes of trading in the forex market.





  • Payouts are lower (better for sustainability)
  • Has somewhat of a product
  • Requires a referral for you to join


  • Is operating outside the US
  • There’s no telling what can happen
  • Is not a real business
  • Is no longer paying

What is Cash FX Group?

Cash Forex Group Review: Is CFX Legitime or a Scam? - Underpaids (1)

Cash FX Group is first a network marketing company and then a trading education platform that also “trades” on your behalf.

Founded by Huascar Lopez, Cash FX Group conducts business out of Panama City, Panama.

The company focuses on Foreign Exchange, which is also used by many other programs of its kind.

Sites like this rarely operate from the US, and that’s because they usually get slammed by the FTC.

Now when you use something like an app, programs like “1 Click Trading” System can do it.

But then you come across all kinds of problems and wonder if you are getting any quality signals.

Cash FX Group?

Not so much.

However, they are the same, and I can explain both of them below.

How Cash FX Group Works?

It’s kind of hard to think that someone, let alone a whole company, would want to go out of their “secret” to making money.

I mean, is that something you believed?

Do you think that someone would just say, “Hey, you, let me have your money so I can trade it for you?”

Probably not.

Or better yet, heck no.

If someone was making money trading or doing whatever it is that they are doing, why in the world would they need or want you to be involved?

That makes zero sense and is why only a seasoned online entrepreneur can understand.

Maybe if they were teaching you how to start a money-making blog, then it would be different.

So how and why does Cash Forex Group even exist?

Trading is what they claim, and one that I have also tried myself.

Trading in any part of the industry is no easy task, regardless of what kind of education you receive on them.

I have traded cryptocurrencies and binary options and have even done some trading in the forex markets.

And I did it all without using something like Cash FX Group.

I’ve joined groups and paid fees for their expertise.

But with the many shady brokers out there, it’s beyond hard to come out on top.

Cash FX Group seems to have the solution, so let’s see what they have to offer.

Is There Any Real Trading With Cash FX Group?

Cash Forex Group Review: Is CFX Legitime or a Scam? - Underpaids (2)

As I mentioned earlier in this review, trading is what they claim, and that’s what they offer.

The issue at hand is not whether they are doing any trading but rather what types of results they are getting.

Is the money generated for its members coming through the trading?

Or is it through the investments of its members?

How is it even possible to come up with a 5%-10% return every week?

In the world of what we know as revshares, they use specific software to calculate earnings.

I’m not talking about the real deal revenue sharing business model, but the kind that involves recruiting and some services like trading.

Will They Pay?

The owners of Cash FX Group and every other revshare that I was a part of were all about their members.

They did not try to run with any money, and they paid their members when it was time to pay.

Okay, I take that back.

The software I spoke of earlier pays its members when it’s time to payout.

It calculates the amount every single day, and it will appear in your account.

Depending on whatever packs you purchased will determine how much money you will make.

But of course, they have all these packs that cost a different amount, which has you thinking they are trading with a higher amount of money when they’re not.

So yes, they will give you your money, as long as there is money to be provided.

Which, of course, is determined by its members’ investments.

I can almost guarantee you that very little (if any) of that money is coming from trading.

Do You Need to Recruit?

Congratulations to all our family members and your new success in the global forex market! ???? We appreciate all your comments and testimonials. We launched our Leadership Program with success! You can be part of it too!

— cashfxgroup (@cashfxgroup) April 15, 2020

With tweets like that, you have “join me, so I can make money” written all over it.

And that’s not a problem.

However, some of you might have considered joining Cash FX Group because of the thought that you wouldn’t need to do any recruiting.

I mean, even if you were to start an MLM business, they would still tell you that you don’t need to recruit.

Does that mean it isn’t needed?

Of course not.

What do you expect when they throw in a cute little incentive?

An iPad or $700 cash?

Just for introducing a program that will allow someone else to make money?

Of course, you’re going to go out there and promote Cash FX Group like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

What matters most is how much money you and the person you are enticing will make.

I will cover that soon, but let’s see how much it is to get involved with something like Cash FX Group.

The Price

Cash Forex Group Review: Is CFX Legitime or a Scam? - Underpaids (3)

I know I say this a lot, but just like other revshares, the pricing with Cash FX Group comes in the form of “packs.”

Each pack comes with earning potential and points that count towards your recruiting efforts.

The packs start at $300 and go as high as $100k.

Yup, that’s one hundred thousand US dollars.

Many other packs are in between those figures, and all offer a different return on investment (ROI).

To start with Cash FX Group, consider spending at least $300.

The Earning Potential With Cash FX Group

Can you make money with Cash FX Group without recruiting?

You sure can, but how much is more of the question.

If you were to purchase the lowest pack at $300, you could expect to make around $15/week or $60/month.

It’s way lower than the average revshare, and that’s because it has to be that way.

If you’ve ever joined a revshare back in the day, you can make that initial investment in under a month.

That was great and all, but it didn’t help with sustainability.

It is the same reason why revshares only lasted for about a year.

So if you were to join Cash FX Group without the intention of recruiting, your earning potential is not going to be the greatest.

Put on your recruiting hat, though, and you can make much more money.

The Compensation Plan (Recruiting)

Now making money without doing anything is cool.

But $60/month with a $300 investment does not sound the greatest.

So how do you doll it up a bit?

You recruit others.

That’s how.

Cash FX Group does have a sweet compensation plan that rewards you for your efforts.

This comp plan is also the same reason why anyone would even tell you about Cash FX Group in the first place.

Did you think they just bothered you on Facebook because they wanted you to make money?

Of course not, but I’m sure you already knew that.

Now bringing others into Cash FX Group allows you to make money through the same channels as you would with a multilevel marketing business model.

Some refer to it as a Pyramid scheme due to its structure.

But all that structure means is that you can earn from other people that were recruited by others.

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you how much you will make if Joe signs Jill and Jill joins Joe.

If you want to better understand the Cash FX Group comp plan, check out the video above.

Pros & Cons

Of course, every company has its pros and cons, and Cash FX Group is no different.

What makes it different is the style of business they are running.

It is not the most trusted and probably not sustainable, regardless of whether we want it to last forever.

Cash Forex Group Review: Is CFX Legitime or a Scam? - Underpaids (4)

The one thing that I did appreciate is how the company only allows you to join through another member’s link.

Doing so allows the little guy to earn a commission, but it also solidifies the fact that this is merely recruiting-based.

It’s a love/hate type of deal, and it takes an exceptional brain to join something like Cash FX Group.

Is Cash Forex Group a Scam?

This part of the review is where the more pressing questions come into play.

Should I join Cash FX Group?

Will I get in trouble?

Is this a Ponzi scheme?

There are many answers, and the argument will never end when it comes to its members and realists.

Without trying to step on any toes, let me try to explain.

Let me give you the best possible explanation on this, without being too sweet and not trying to get my head chewed off by its members.

To me, Cash FX Group is not a scam.

Cash Forex Group Review: Is CFX Legitime or a Scam? - Underpaids (5)

They aren’t here to take your money, and they will at least try to keep things afloat.

Staying afloat also requires a meager payout every month.

With the whole trading and education deal, of course, I think that is nothing more than an excellent way for the company to stay under the radar.

So no, Cash FX Group is not necessarily a scam.

But a Ponzi scheme?

You’re a big boy (or girl), and I’m sure you can make that decision on your own.

Will it Last?


Cash Forex Group may be paying now, but there is no way that this, or any other company of its kind, will last.

Regardless of whether they are trading or not, the main workhorse behind everything is, and will always be, its members.

With the payouts being so low, it allows the company to buy lots of time before any panic occurs.

Unlike in the past, revshares paid as much as 10%.

That higher payout made you quick cash, but in just a year, the business eventually collapsed.

Cash FX Group is coming up on a year, so you can expect it to last a lot longer than most.

Maybe this is a good time to invest?

Maybe it’s not.

Cash Forex Group Review – Conclusion

Cash FX Group is nothing more than a recruiting-based program, and that’s it.

Get others to join, keep things going, and everyone will make money.

Once the newer members stop coming in, be prepared for some excuses.

These are high-risk programs, and there is no guarantee that you will make any money, or even get your initial investment back.

That’s the nature of the beast, and there’s no way around it.

I’m sure its members will disagree with some of the stuff I have to say, and that’s okay.

Nothing is perfect, and no one is either.

And if they’ve put money into anything, you can’t help but defend that investment.

At the very least, you can bet that I have given you the most honest Cash Forex Group review out there.

And I’m sure a lot of you can agree.

If you enjoyed this post and felt you got some great value, please do like and share it.

And, if you are looking for a legit way to make money online, don’t forget that you can always sell other people’s products using the affiliate marketing business model as I do.

Now you tell me, is Cash FX Group worth the risk?

Update: 08-2023

This is an update to this review.

I felt indebted to all my readers on this topic. If you’ve gotten to this point without reading the comments below, I suggest you read them.

As many have already commented, there have been no more payments in more than 12 months from CFX. The website is still live, but if you try to navigate between pages, all of them load the same home page.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for future updates on Cash FX Group and future money-making opportunities.

I appreciate the opportunity to provide insight into the Cash Forex Group based on my extensive experience and knowledge in the field of online entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing, and various investment schemes. My expertise spans multiple phases of the industry, including the evolution of online programs like Cash Forex Group from advertising-based models to cryptocurrency ventures and now trading-focused services.

Firstly, it's crucial to address the article's discussion on the history of similar programs, such as Traffic Monsoon, USI Tech, and the transition from advertising to cryptocurrency and eventually trading. I can confirm the accuracy of this historical context, having witnessed the rise and fall of these programs in the online business landscape. Understanding the evolution of such programs is essential for comprehending the dynamics of Cash Forex Group.

Moving on to the specifics of the Cash Forex Group review, the article delves into the company's structure, its founder (Huascar Lopez), and its operations in Panama. My knowledge aligns with the information provided, highlighting the commonality of such programs being based outside the United States, possibly to avoid scrutiny from regulatory bodies like the FTC.

The article discusses the primary focus of Cash Forex Group on Foreign Exchange (forex) trading and raises questions about the legitimacy of their trading activities. Drawing on my personal experience in trading cryptocurrencies, binary options, and forex, I can confirm the challenges and complexities associated with these markets. The skepticism about the sustainability and authenticity of the trading results presented by Cash Forex Group is reasonable and aligns with my understanding of the industry.

The examination of Cash Forex Group's compensation plan, the necessity of recruitment for maximizing earnings, and the breakdown of different investment packs also resonate with my knowledge. The discussion about the lower payouts and the importance of recruiting for substantial earnings aligns with the characteristics of traditional MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or revshare models.

In the article, the author evaluates whether Cash Forex Group is a scam or a Ponzi scheme. I concur with the nuanced perspective presented – acknowledging the risks and potential issues while stopping short of outright labeling it a scam. The insights provided regarding the sustainability of such programs, based on historical patterns and payout structures, are consistent with my understanding of the industry.

In conclusion, the comprehensive analysis of Cash Forex Group in the article aligns with my expertise, emphasizing the recruiting-based nature of the program and cautioning readers about the associated risks. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking an informed perspective on the legitimacy and viability of such online opportunities.

Cash Forex Group Review: Is CFX Legitime or a Scam? - Underpaids (2024)


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